Volunteers' week - a thank you!

Wednesday marked the start of Volunteers' Week - a short celebration of the vital work volunteers do in the community. We wanted to thank our fantastic group!

Vol Week

From Wednesday 1st until Sunday 12th June we are celebrating Volunteers' Week. 

Over 21 million people volunteer in the UK at least once a year - they are huge numbers. We are proud to have over 40 people who volunteer on a regular basis, many of them giving up one day a week to help out at our day centre in Hackney. 

Our volunteers are vital to the work that we do, providing support and assistance to our members. This can take many forms - whether it's as a partner (or opponent!) in a game, being a helping hand around the centre or with a particular activity, or just providing a friendly face to chat to during the day. 

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank them for all the great work that they do, and show them how much it means to us (and our members!).

"All of the volunteers make Headway different and friendly. Most of all they are cheerful and they make your day by interacting with everyone." - Headway member


Tash: "Several of the volunteers were so helpful and sensitive helping me to complete the member survey, I couldn't have done it without them! And very practically, I don't think there'd be a clean spoon or mug in the place without them! I also always thoroughly enjoy both their enthusiasm, commitment and insights when I run a volunteer workshop. And I think we can never recognise enough purely the value of members just being given the opportunity to chat to someone and be asked 'how was your week?"

Thomas: "I would be utterly stuck in the kitchen without the tireless work of the volunteers who help out in there every day: working alongside members preparing and serving lunch, baking cakes, pickling veg - and generally keeping everyone's spirits up while they're slaving away in the kitchen. Not to mention all that washing up! Thank you all."

Emily: " Volunteers have been an amazing help at fundraising events such as the Dance Marathon and Supper Clubs, and spurring runners on at our cheering stations. Some of them have even volunteered themselves to take part in their own sponsored challenges on top of everything else they do for Headway - thank you so much!"

Our volunteer week celebrations in Dalston!

"It's nice to speak to someone who knows about your injury and to communicate with." - Headway member

And we'll leave the last word from staff to our Volunteers' Co-ordinator Tas:

"Volunteers…what would we do without them. They are a vital part of Headway coming from all different backgrounds and brining a range of experiences. We are so proud to have such a dedicated, skillful team who help in so many different ways. Volunteers not only offer their time one to one with members, but are also motivated to get involved in a range of projects e.g. Baking, Art, Who Are You Now, Relaxation Group, Cooking, Discussion Groups, Music Group, Outings, Member Forum, Saturday Social, Headway Supper Clubs and even help with translating. A very big thank you to them all!"

You can find out more about Volunteers' Week on their website.

If you're interested in volunteering with us, you can take a look at our website or come along to the Volunteer Fair at the Volunteer Centre Hackney on Tuesday June 7th (3-7pm).This is taking place at Finding Space, St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare Street and our Volunteers' Co-ordinator Tas will be there with information and advice about what to expect.