The Women of Submit To Love

Sam N T

It's #InternationalWomensDay and to celebrate, we’re taking a closer look at the work of some of our inspiring female artists. We're particularly proud of our female artists at Headway, so we decided to share them with you! Here are two women who's meticulous detail and refreshing perspective will stop you in your tracks. First up....

Be Funky Collage

Sam’s unique outlook on the world delivers eccentric personality and a little chaos with every piece. Her style is particularly distinctive, working predominantly in black and white using fine line pens.

For Sam, detail is absolutely key. Her works are both tightly packed and sprawling across the page with an energy that makes the work feel as though it could stomp right out of the room. Her images though lacking in colour, are bursting with humour, life and character.

‘I love doing it, it makes me feel really relaxed. I think you have to have a lot of concentration for the detailed work that I do. I love a challenge, doing things that are unusual.'


Tirzah’s work is both bold and wildly colourful. Playful and striking in its content, she draws simply what people like, describing the majority of her works as ‘posters for friends’.

When asked which work she was most proud of, Tirzah commented ‘Two of my friends are becoming fifty so I’ve made posters for them. My poster of the brain with the people in it, that’s a really good one.’

Blog T

Reinterpreting images from photographs and magazines, Tirzah has a transformative perspective that injects fun into the subject.  Her latest work, a mosaic-like collage of Hindu Gods and symbols is an incredibly intricate and vibrant piece. Created using a variety of pen and paint, the image feels like a chaotic, patchwork story (pictured at the top).


Sandra’s work is inimitable in its vibrant, Mexicana-like style, depicting a variety of images from family scenes to dinosaurs- always with a dark edge. Her work often explores pattern alone or weaves it into the scenery.

On finding art and her inspiration, Sandra comments, ‘At 57 age I finally had to sketch and succeed at last. Art self-taught from Headway and really helped. Garden landscaping, tree, native plants, florals, herbs; everything means for Victoria Park, Higham Park, Hampstead Heath.'

Sandra Yo
Sandra 1

Her work is confident in its use of shape and colour. Perhaps most enjoyable, though, is the hidden or unexpected aspects of her work, such as the angel floating over the mountains or the four-legged man in this ‘Family Picnic’.  

For more of these ladies' fabulous artworks and to purchase prints, visit their artist page on our website.