Art Collaborations: Sunny People All Around

Over the past few months we've been lucky to have some friends from the Financial Ombudsman in, working on a very special collaborative project.


Over the course of four sessions a fantastic group, including Stacy, Hina, Catherine, Kay and Emma, came along to Headway's art studio and worked together to create what would become "Sunny People All Around"

Then came the fun bit. Breaking up all of the tiles and ceramics needed for the piece, before fixing them to the sphere - it was a fantastic group effort!
We were invited along to the grand unveiling at their offices, where some of our members spoke to people from the offices, and we all got to see the final product.

Proudly displayed in their front reception, we were pretty pleased with its new home.

We asked Sam what she thought of the day:

"Very good. I think it was in the right place so people can see it when they walk in."

Emma said "Visiting Headway has opened my mind and given me a better understanding of people who live with brain injuries. I love that everyone at Headway is so positive about their future, it was a most humbling experience and I am very grateful for it."

A great afternoon to cap off a fantastic project - here's to the next one!


"Spending time with people at Headway was an incredible experience and very eye opening. Each individual had such amazing characteristics. I walked away each day valuing life - the people there had great stories to share and so much positive energy." - Hina, Ombudsman volunteer