Cecil Waldron

"My reason I like feel so good art inside me, my brain tell me so I try my best is line drying 

i like it because it relax me 

i feel good about watch inspire me to work hard at it"

Z5 A1466

Pieces with an item number are for sale, please contact submittolove@headwayeastlondon.org regarding sales & commissions.

0 T2 A3535
(2017 (For Sale)) Item no: CW01
Birds (2015 (For Sale)) Item no: CW02
Cecil Card
Elvis in London (2015 (For Sale)) Item no: CW03
0 T2 A3525
Sunset (2017 (For Sale)) Item no: CW04
0 T2 A2866
Tower Bridge (2017(For Sale)) Item no: CW05
(2014 (For Sale)) Item no: CW06
0 T2 A0412
London Flight Path (2015(for sale)) Item no: CW07
0 T2 A1941
Christmas Dinner (2016(For Sale)) Item no: CW08
0 T2 A0414
Man with his cactus (2014(for sale)) Item no: CW09
Flowers in a Bowl (2015 (for sale)) Item no: CW10
0 T2 A0652
Dragon Fly (2016(For Sale)) Item no: CW11
0 T2 A0650
Evanrood (2016(For Sale)) Item no: CW12
0 T2 A0581
Picnic on the beach (2016 (For Sale)) Item no: CW13
Sunset Tree ( 2014 (for sale)) Item no: CW14
0 T2 A1934
(2015 (for sale)) Item no: CW15
0 T2 A0661
(2015(for sale)) Item no: CW16