Brian Searle

"With art, a lot of it is about thought-process, and at university you talk a lot about that. But also, art is about learning through opportunities when accidents come along – learning how to take that opportunity and make art out of it. In my artist’s statement, I call it “a happy-accident style”. That’s when the best art comes along – through happy accidents."

Pieces with an item number are for sale, please contact regarding sales & commissions.

0 T2 A2316
(Not for sale) Item no: BS1
0 T2 A2318
(not for sale) Item no: BS2
0 T2 A2322
(not for sale) Item no: BS3
0 T2 A2324
(not for sale) Item no: BS4
0 T2 A2606
0 T2 A2594
0 T2 A2588
0 T2 A2593
(to be commissioned ) Item no: Zebra in the city
(to be commissioned ) Item no: Giraffe in Bishopsgate
0 T2 A2602
0 T2 A1310
(to be commissioned) Item no: Thames Barrier Elephant
0 T2 A1301
(Sold) Item no: Lion in the city
0 T2 A1298
(for sale) Item no: Decoding
0 T2 A1296
(for sale) Item no: BS5
0 T2 A1292
(for sale) Item no: BS6
0 T2 A1290
(for sale) Item no: BS7
0 T2 A1285
(for sale) Item no: BS8
0 T2 A1281
(for sale) Item no: BS9
0 T2 A1278
(for sale) Item no: BS10
0 T2 A1275