Freddy Irshad

"It helps me relax and takes my mind off unneccesary thoughts. Each short or long project I do gives me ideas for my next project and helps me explore the hidden talent within myself. Art is something I used to run away from, but thanks to a friend I was brought back into the art room" 

Pieces with an item number are for sale, please contact regarding sales & commissions.

20170824 095628
(2017) Item no: FI01
0 T2 A2334
(2016) Item no: FI02
Bus (2015) Item no: FI05
0 T2 A0990
Birds (2015) Item no: FI04
0 T2 A0995 2
(2016) Item no: FI03
20160429 142940
Fish (2015) Item no: FI06
White Tiger (2015) Item no: FI07
0 T2 A1189
Eye (2015) Item no: FI08
20160526 113822